Watch How A Car Engine Works Under The Hood

Engine Parts

Most of us just press a button or flip the keys and instantly we hear the roar that brings the whole car to life. The engine is more than the tachometer and fuel gauge, you probably already know that. However, have you ever asked yourself what really goes on under the hood? Hopefully this crash course will enlighten you.

We are specifically talking of fuel based engines be on the lookout as we will have a video on electric engines soon. Basically, your engine works on fuel and turns it to motion. It does this through combustion, thus your fuel-based car’s engine is known as an internal combustion engine.

The process basically starts at your car’s fuel tank where it pumps petrol all the way to chambers in your engine. While in the chambers it is mixed with air, as the camshaft allow for air to flow in. With the aid of pistons the mixture is lit up, where an explosion sends the piston hard on the crankshaft. When all the piston hit the crankshaft, they turn it methodically, which results on your wheels turning. The exhaust or waste that results from this explosion goes through the camshaft all the way through the exhaust system.

There are engines of varying sizes and strengths. However, be careful, as precursor for an engine’s power isn’t necessarily in its size, which is usually in cubic centimeters (cc). When it comes to power there are two kinds; raw horsepower and torque. A big sized engine might produce more torque rather than horsepower. This can explain a lot, as trucks are able to pull heavy loads while exotic sports car are able to speed past most cars.

Hopefully, you’ll be more informed after reading this, however a better explanation can be found here, while a visual one can be seen below:

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