Celebrity Ride Spotlight: Deadmau5


Obviously if you are a singer, actor, model or well, whatever the Kardashians are, and have tons of cash splashing some of it on a great ride makes sense. And while there are the obvious choices – the standard Lambos, the basic Ferraris etc – some car crazed stars have stepped it up a notch when it comes to satisfying their lust for luxurious, high performance vehicles. And perhaps no one has built a better collection of such cars than Deadmau5

Deadmau5 , the DJ/producer/asshole (we didn’t say that, his fellow DJ and friend Skrillex did. Nice pal to have) who is loved by some and hated by many more but who still rakes in millions a year, is the proud owner of a number of high performance rides including a McLaren P1, McLaren 650S, Ferrari, BAC Mono, Ferrari 458 and a couple of ‘daily drive’ Porsches. His most notorious car so far however was the Purrari, a Ferrari 458 Spider he had wrapped with a Nyan Cat theme.


He successfully competed in the Gumball Rally with it in 2014 bringing both Tory Belleci from MythBusters and briefly, Lewis Hamilton for the ride:

After Gumball however, Ferrari USA complained about the Purrari bitterly (why?) and threatened legal action. Deadmau5 – whose real name is the far less groovy Joel Zimmerman- then sold it off to benefit cat shelters in his native Toronto (not such an asshole after all maybe) He has just replaced it with a Nyanborghini Purracan (Huracán) that he has been constantly trolling Ferrari with pictures of on social media (OK, still a bit of an asshole then)


Speaking of possible copyright infringement Deadmau5 also films and hosts his own version of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee in which he allows various celebrities to ride in one of his many cars and enjoy the privilege of buying him a cup of coffee for his trouble. His guests have even included the rather controversial former Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford. He’s also been known to pull a shift or two as an Uber driver in his McLaren, something that is normally quite a shock for passengers. Well at least he gets some use out of his supercars and doesn’t just leave them sitting in the garage..


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Top 5 Most Bizarre Footballers’ ‘Super’ Cars

Footballers and snazzy cars go together like footballers and slightly vacuous glamour models. Making it into the big(ger) leagues these days basically requires that any footballer have at least one of each, and when it comes to the cars at least, they do tend to like multiples.

While there are the very obvious choices – like every car Cristiano Ronaldo owns, from his multiple Bugatti Veyrons to his numerous Audis and whatever Porsche he hasn’t crashed yet – some footballers take their hard earned (?) wages and put them into something rather more unique. Take a look at some of these beauties (although on second thoughts that may be the wrong word)

Stephen Ireland


These days Stephen Ireland is a bald bloke playing in the Potteries for Stoke. But back when he had hair, and a contract with Manchester City, he treated himself to several very nice rides, the most memorable of which being this lovely black and pink Range Rover that certainly turned some heads (and possibly stomachs) as he pottered it around Manchester. And no, this car didn’t really belong to his missus, hers was white and red and monogrammed, but that’s another (nightmarish) story.

El Hadi Diouf


Back when the Senegalese winger played for, well, we forget, as he played for half the teams in the league at some point or another, he was a man who tended to divide fan opinion. Some found him to be a lovable, cheeky rogue while others (almost everyone actually) thought he was a bit of a mindless jerk. And his Cadillac Escalade is possibly a bigger confirmation of the latter opinion than the former to say the least.

Mario Balotelli


Poor old Mario. He means well, but he never quite gets things right (just ask Brendan Rodgers) That was never more obvious than when he was tooling around in this once lovely Bentley Continental GT. Apparently someone failed to tell him that camouflage is supposed to help you stand out less…

Mario didn’t hold onto the car for long though, as he ended up gifting it to teammate Urby Emanuel, who promptly stripped off the wrap and returned the car to its former pristine winter white colour. Which, according to ‘insiders’ Mario was actually a bit miffed about.

William Gallas

William Gallas

Footballers are notoriously vain. Most however do not turn their McLaren Mercedes SLR into what is basically one big mirror on wheels. However, that is the William Gallas way and he likes it even if no one else does.

The Entire Portsmouth Team


Back when Portsmouth were in the Premier League and almost spending themselves into oblivion, the ‘punishment’ for the player who performed worst in training was to have to drive around town in a Reliant Robin. The players, while accepting their possible fate, decided that the old banger needed a bit of pimping and so they turned it into this somewhat bizarre creation.

Watch The Bugatti Chiron Make Its World Premiere

Bugatti Chiron

Remember the Bugatti Veyron, we all know how it impacted the auto world. The car was unveiled back in 2005, after which it waited five years before it tore up the fastest top speed for a production car in 2010. It did this with an incredible speed of 267.856 mph. Later in 2014 the Hennessey Venom GT went up to 270.49 mph, however since it didn’t reach 30 units, Bugatti managed to retain its title. 2016 is expected to be a golden year for cars somewhat as the Hennessey Venom F5 and the Bugatti Chiron will renew their rivalry all over again. Now out of the rivalry, the Chiron is the first to be unveiled, at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

This four wheel drive coupe is everything we expected, with all its performance numbers going up. So far the Chiron has made to squeeze out 1479 hp from its quad-turbo 8L W16 engine, this is incredible considering the Hennessey Venom was hoping to achieve 1400 hp. Wherever Hennessey is on the development of the Venom F5, they at least know that beating the Chiron this time just became a little bit harder this time. However, it isn’t horsepower alone that contributes to blistering speed, there are other factors like aerodynamics and weight that come into play. The Chiron is expected to reach 288 mph, which will in effect put Bugatti in the record books all over again.

Let’s hope this time around that Bugatti don’t take another five years after unveiling, before they attempt to reach record top speed for a production car. To be fair, back then Bugatti weren’t facing serious competition, however today they are facing a serious challenger in Hennessey. They know this time any dragging of their feet and the record isn’t theirs anymore. When it comes to a head-to-head comparison the Venom F5 is all about speed, while the Chiron is about the luxury as well as speed.

Watch below as the long anticipated Bugatti Chiron makes it world premiere:

Watch The Best of The Geneva Motor Show 2016

Geneva Motor Show 2016

The Geneva Motor Show took place this year, with the best automakers showcasing their latest concepts and models. From Alfa Romeo to Volvo the A-Z of the motor industry was here to showcase their best. Sadly, Tesla which is the bastion of the electric movement didn’t feature in the show. The 86th Salon International de l’Auto et Accessoires, happened from 1 March to 13 March. This year’s show had a great host of cars on display. For body styles SUVs seemed to take the show. Cars like the Audi A2 and Maserati Levante made their presence felt in the event. However, on the night the show stopper had to be the Bugatti Chiron. It was heavily anticipated and it didn’t disappoint. Another exotic that grabbed headlines was the all new Aston Martin DB11.

Geneva’s Motor Show has a proud history that stretches all the way back to 1905. It has hosted almost all of the most important internal combustion engines in auto history. The Geneva Palexpo which is a conference center that is close to the Geneva Cointrin International Airport acts as the venue for the show. The event always takes place each year on the month of March. The Motor Show is known world over for the exotics that usually make their debut there. Considering that the Swiss don’t have an auto industry of their own, Geneva is considered as fair game by automakers to showcase their latest.

With Tesla unveiling their Model 3 at Silicon Valley, it will be interesting to see if the auto industry will follow suit. Auto shows like this one help to bring exposure to smaller automakers. However, it will be interesting to see if the top automakers will be unveiling themselves individually. They could opt for this as they would be getting the sole attention of the press, and would have an opportunity to discuss the features of the car more intimately.

Watch below what happened in this year’s auto show:

Watch the Unveiling of the Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla have changed the automotive industry forever that we all can agree on. However, the question is can it survive as a company, not as an idealistic concept. To answer this serious question Tesla have finally unveiled the Model 3. They unveiled it in a theater at California, which was graced by Silicon Valley elites. Now, this breaks the norms of how cars are usually unveiled, as they didn’t use an auto show. Some who attended the event said that they felt that they were being treated to a tech launch rather than a car launch.

The car’s pre-orders have reached a mammoth 250,000 as of 4th April 2016. Now if Elon is able to sell each and every car he will be able to make Tesla $ 8.75 billion for the company. However, to reach profitability Elon Musk says that they need to sell 500,000 cars each year. Slowly but steadily they seem to be building towards that target.

Tesla will be selling the Model 3s starting from late 2017, and will begin heavy production in 2018. However, this is if everything goes well. Tesla are notorious for missing deadlines, with the Model X being a case study. But we can all agree if they have decided to launch it they are seemingly very confident of what they have.

The Model 3 is a 5-seater sedan that has a range of 215 miles. It accelerates from 0-60 in less than 6 seconds. Also, it has a 15” console with enough room for all. Its main competitor is the Chevy Bolt owned by GM. It will be interesting to see if the Bolt will dent the Model 3’s sales as it will be available at the dealers prior. Considering we are talking of another all electric car rather than Audi A4 or Mercedes Benz C-Class proves opinions have changed.

Below is the unveiling of the Model 3 as it happened:

Watch Battle of the Teslas: Model S Vs Model X

model s vs model x

For Tesla which was incorporated back in 2003, over a decade later everything must have gone the way they had planned. The company made history making an electric car break the 200 miles range barrier. This effectively made electric cars practical. Now, going green doesn’t mean you need to take the oath of poverty of performance. As of such we found a great video of the Model X and the Model S in a drag race.

Tesla has made electric cars fun to drive. The most fun electric sedan and electric SUV go head to head. Obviously, the Model S comes out on top, as it’s the fastest accelerating electric car in the market. When it comes to power, the Model X P90D produces 259 hp for the front and 503 hp for the rear. That adds to a total of 762 hp making it the same with the Model S. However, considering the Model X is an SUV, it has extra weight, as compared to the Model S. This difference gives the Model S an advantage in acceleration.

The video below features husband and wife go head to head on a drag race. The husband is on a red Model S, while his wife is on a blue Model X. The Model X only manages to win a single race when it has a head start, and there is another race where it leaves the Model S in its dust as the sedan is unprepared. However, in the end the Model S comes out on top. All in all it’s great to see electric cars competing on the same space as petrol/diesel based cars.

There we have it electric cars can do drag races with the efficiency of their fuel based counterparts. Watch below as the two electric cars square off:

Watch The Tesla Roadster’s Acceleration

Tesla Roadster

When you talk of a car that has revolutionized the auto industry in this new millennia you have to pick the Tesla Roadster. Before it the argument was always electric cars weren’t practical enough that they would run out of charge over shot distances. They were ridiculed and thought up as really idealistic more than anything. However, the Roadster landed on the scene and had a range of 245 miles, and that changed everything. Electric cars weren’t for short trips around the city, now they could be used for longer trips.

The Tesla Roadster has a couple of advantages, however the one that truly stands out is its acceleration, which has some saying its “alien” like. For your regular petrol car the engine has to reach the optimum revs to give you that monster acceleration. However, electric motors are like optimum revved engines always ready to give you that kick when you need it. Usually, when you are accelerating you always have to hear the engine roar as it climbs up the revs, however the electric is seemingly quiet.

Those who have ridden a Roadster describe how they go past traffic with relative ease, leaving a lot of other motorists flatfooted. Another great thing about an electric car is that there isn’t any fuss between a clutch and engine, just an electric motor hooked to batteries.

Considering the Roadster goes 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.7 seconds on the go, it is always going to give you that great kick when you need it. Thus, the notion of going green means we are going to be stuck with some really weak performing cars is totally vague. This is the future of cars as we continue to burn up what’s remaining of the world’s dwindling fossil fuel reserves. If the future we are going to have is going to be littered up with cars like the Tesla Roadster then it’s a greener future worth having.

It has been likened to a spaceship and this is why, watch below:

Watch Google Car’s Self Driving Revolution

Google Car Self-driving Logo

The automotive world today is experiencing rapid change and advancing at such an incredible rate. One of the disruptive changes the industry is experiencing is self-driven car technology. Google Car seems to be the one that’s making the most waves in this new trendsetting auto tech. However, there are other players getting involved and soon it may be common across all boards.

Google Car started the project back in 2009, with a fleet of self-driving cars, which were deployed at Mountain View California. It grew and entered other states. The project has gone on to record over a million miles according to Google’s site. The project which is still in its testing phase hopes to make the cars available as soon as 2019. The testing phase which we are still on hasn’t run as smoothly as expected, as Google Car has had a number of crashes. However, most of the accidents have been down to human error. It still has a better record than humans as it is yet to suffer any fatalities, except for two minor injuries. With such a track record this can be considered a resounding success as it has done this going a million plus miles.

Currently, you can think that Google Car is the foremost leader in self-driven fully autonomous cars, however Toyota already has over 1,400 patents. Now patents aren’t a sure thing for industry leadership, but they do give you a head start and later other players have to pay royalties to you. However, it’s important to note that American companies don’t always rush for patents as their trigger happy foreign counterparts.

Apart from Alphabet’s Google there are other players in the game such as Mobileye. Mobileye which is Israeli based doesn’t see Google Car as a direct competitor, as Google’s system is based on the data derived for each street. While Mobileye has a different approach using a chip and camera it responds to the environment much the way as humans do. GM has bought Lyft, while Tesla must be scheming something and Apple seems to be tinkering here and there.

Watch below to see Google Car’s approach to self-driving cars:

Watch Self Driving/Crashing Google Car

Google Car Crash

Today, almost everything is getting automated by the second. Even us in the auto industry are shocked how rapidly innovations are springing up all over the automotive industry. Today, we don’t make or drive cars the same way we used to, largely due to the advent of new technologies such as 3D printing. One of the great technological frontiers in this industry is Google Car. We have seen too many videos of how human error is prevalent in most road accidents. Wouldn’t it be great if the car could analyze you if you are sober/fresh enough to drive, and if not assume driving duties. This is the future Google Car is currently pushing, however it’s still in its testing period, and as such mistakes are bound to happen.

A Google Car self-driven Lexus RX SUV got involved in an accident with a bus. The accident isn’t as bad as it occurred under relatively slow speeds. The Lexus was going at 12 miles while the bus was going at 15 miles.

I think when it comes to self-driving tech the likes of Google face a real dilemma. As you can make the car completely autonomous, where it will only run from your car and not remotely by a server somewhere else. This has its merits, but with the government always looking for an opportunity to break our privacy, where they order Google to remotely control the car of a wanted/suspected felon? Will this be Apple vs the FBI all over again? These are just some of the questions that companies on the quest for self-driving cars will have to deal with.

To be honest with you when using Google Search I feel that the tech company may have a little bit of a bias to this story. As there aren’t any negative stories when you search the words “google car self-driving car crash”, also I found it strange that Google couldn’t at least list its response in full as one of the search items. However, forgetting my bewilderment I still believe that this technology could be used to make our roads safer. Also, it’s great that Google took responsibility for the crash. Hopefully, this accident was a bleep in a relatively unblemished safety record for Google Car. Watch the video below:

Watch A Suicide Taxi Driver Prank Gone Too Far

suicide bomber prank

Now we have to be careful when it comes to the pranks we play. Sometimes playing a prank on the wrong guy can have you losing your teeth or even worse losing your life. This was the sort of prank that had Saudi YouTube channel Tube Up in all sorts of problems a week ago. The prank featured a taxi driver who wore a fake explosive vest, and he would act that he is on his way to blowing himself up to unsuspecting passengers. Some of the passengers sobbed, others jumped from the moving vehicle, while others tried to overpower the taxi driver.

The prank was meant to show that not all Muslims support the violence that is perpetrated by Extremists. The prank was shot in Saudi Arabia where it solicited a lot of negative comments. Tube Up were then ordered by the Saudi government to take it down after a public outcry. Some have even called on the Tube Up crew to be arrested. The main reason the Saudi public reacted this way was because the country has been experiencing a spate of suicide bombings. Thus, though the intentions may have been good by the creators of the prank, they must admit that they didn’t release it at the right time.

Also, another interesting legal question was asked by some of the comments. What if one of the passengers was to kill the pranking taxi driver? How would this bode in a court of law? Luckily, this weren’t the questions we asked on this particular prank, as no one got hurt. However, if there is any good that has come out of this is that the power of the internet is being felt everywhere, even in deep conservative territories such as Saudi Arabia.

How would have you reacted? Watch below as the unsuspecting victims of this prank act out their different reactions: