Keith Richards’ Customized Bentley Sells for £763,100 at Goodwood Revival

A great deal goes on during the Goodwood Revival weekend, including several auctions of some seriously cool cars. One of the cars on the block in 2015 was a 1966 Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur nicknamed ‘Blue Lena’, a car that had a rather notable former owner; Rolling Stones wildman Keith Richards.

Aside from the fact that the car is a true example of a Bentley at its finest, boasting a 6.2-litre V8 engine and a newly restored beige kid leather interior the car, which Richards named after one of his musical idols Lena Horne, features several erm, unusual, mods commissioned by Richards that you won’t find on any of its surviving peers.

There is, for example, a ‘secret compartment’ built into the frame for the purpose of concealing of various (illegal) substances. The windows were also heavily darkened and a Phillips record player was built into the boot. There is also a pair of loudspeakers behind the front grille that Richards’ then paramour, Anita Pallenberg used to amuse herself with by impersonating a policewoman and barking odd instructions to bewildered motorists.

Richards sold the car in 1978 and although it underwent five years of painstaking restoration before heading to the auction block at Goodwood all of his ‘special mods’ remain in place, which probably helped its eventual price climb up to over three quarters of million, which is actually a heck of a lot less than he sold it for years ago, a fact that may not make him too happy..

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