Watch: The James Bond Aston Martin DB10 in Action


The relationship between Aston Martin and the James Bond movie franchise goes all the way back to the iconic film series’ third outing in 1964, ‘Goldfinger’. Director Guy Hamilton and his staff had reached out to all of the major sports car manufacturers in the hope of borrowing a flash car. All but Aston refused outright and even they had to be talked into not only agreeing to the use of their then flagship DB5 but agreeing to fit not just one, but two vehicles with extras like smokescreens and a revolving licence plate all installed by Aston engineers themselves.

Fast forward nearly 40 years and for the newest Bond flick, Spectre, which is set to premiere October 26 in the UK, with a worldwide premiere scheduled for November 6, Aston Martin have built and equipped ten Aston Martin DB10 models specifically for the movie and have recently released a video showcasing just what this beauty can do when in the hands of just the right stunt driver.

The driver in question here is three time Bond stunt driver and Manx rally driver Mark Higgins. And as you’ll see he really knows to handle this magnificent monster even if most others would not…