Watch The Aston Martin Fly Through The Dubai Skyline

Aston Martin on Burj Al Arab Helipad

January 15, 1913 was the year that the Aston Martin brand came to being, a hundred years later it needed something special to celebrate. In January 2013, Aston Martin’s apex of engineering the Vanquish teamed up with the self-proclaimed 7-star hotel pioneer the Burj Al Arab. The hotel revolutionized the Dubai skyline and has been held in such high regard by architectural aficionados all over the world.

Lifting the Aston Martin Vanquish all the way on top the Burj Al Arab’s helipad that is at almost 1000 ft. is no easy feat. Four special cords held the Aston Martin in place as it was being airlifted into the sky. Another challenge the flying car was faced with was that a ground crew had to be on alert, as the car landed on the pad, for it could start to go round in circles.

The event took 30 minutes and the car landed on top of the helipad with 600 guests in attendance. This stunt came after months of lobbying the hotel, and also to promote its recently opened branch.

As for the logistics the event required a ground crew of 40, 3 choppers, where one was used for airlifting and the remaining were used for filming. The whole operation did not come cheap as it cost a colossal Dh700,000. Out of this Dh367,000 went into insurance alone.

Tests had been carried out initially to ensure that the ropes were strong enough.

This is a great marketing coup for the Aston Martin as it announces itself to the Middle East Market in a rather spectacular way. It seems they took the time and planned it vigorously to perfection. Lifting a car that is more expensive than the whole operation that is Dh1.2 million is clear expression of luxury. Click the video below and enjoy.

Watch The Wreckage Of The World’s Most Expensive Car Crash

most expensive car crash

Now, all car accidents are usually tragic, with global statistics pointing out 1.3 million deaths a year, car’s kill more people then bullets. The stats don’t stop there where they name a colossal 20-50 million people get injured or disabled yearly because of accidents. With this people have gone as far as calling car’s the real weapons of mass destruction. However, most of the accidents are to be blamed on human error rather than the machines themselves

Back in December, 2011, at the country of the rising sun, there was a great crash of catastrophic proportions. All the car’s except a lonely Prias were exotic supercars. The cars involved were eight Ferraris, one Mercedes Benz and a Lamborghini. The accident happened in the Chugoku highway which is in Western Japan. The total damage was said to be in the regions of £ 2.6 million ($ 4 million).

The supercars were driving in pairs at speeds of 140-160 km/h, which isn’t that over-indulgent, but is enough for an accident. The lead car which was a red Ferrari lost control and the other pair of exotics behind it made up a total of a 14 car pileup. The cars were headed to Hiroshima for a supercar event. Maybe, the silver lining from all this is that no one lost their lives. As much as this adds weight into how exotics are always getting into accidents, the fact everyone made it unscathed is a major boost to their safety.