Watch A Tour of The Bugatti Molsheim Factory

bugatti molsheim factory

Bugatti boasts the fastest production car in the world that is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. Now, a town of people that barely adds up to 12,000 people and is able to produce the world’s fastest car is a true shocker. Molsheim is a small town located in Alsace region at the North Eastern part of France. I guess the most common adage that is “big things come in small packages,” proves to be true here. However, the preference for communes as the base of operations for supercars seems to be a recurring pattern. Take a look at Ferrari, Lamborghini & Pagani they are all to be found in communes in Italy.

The Town’s History

Molsheim was annexed by Germany in the first and second world wars. However, today the German automaker Volkswagen ironically owns the marque of this brand.

It Gets Even Smaller

Production of the Bugatti Veyron started in 2005 in Dorlisheim. Dorlisheim is a commune of France and it houses Bugatti’s HQ at the Chateau Saint-Jean. The Chateau Saint Jean was actually owned by the Bugatti family though they didn’t live there.

The Company’s History

The Bugatti brand was started by the great Frenchman Ettore Bugatti back in 1909. The brand grew to become a standard in high performance and grand touring vehicles. Though if its current larger than life image, Bugatti has experienced a checkered history where they have closed doors twice that is in 1952 and 1995. After the closure in 1995 Volkwagen took over in 1998 and saved the brand as it went about grand plans of building the fastest car in the world. Since the VW takeover, Bugatti has had great commercial success and is viewed as the flagship hypercar of the conglomerate.

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Now watch how over 1000 hp is produced below: