Watch The Trailer Mad Max Fury Road The Car Movie of The Year

Mad Max Fury Road

This has to be not just the best car movie of 2015, but also the movie of the year. Fast 7 no doubt was a great movie, however for me and many other critics out there, there was only one choice, Mad Max. It gets favorable ratings all across the major critics with rotten tomatoes giving it 97% rating. If you love cars in all their different shapes and sizes than you’ll appreciate the movie’s breathtaking car scenes. The movies car chases are unique with unorthodox methods and contraptions on display.

The Plot

This movie is quite grungy, and is set up in a post-apocalyptic nuclear devastated world. Water and gasoline are scarce commodities, and to express the destitute nature of this bleak world, the movie starts with Max Rokatansky (Tom Hardy) eating a lizard. Later on, Max gets abducted by the War Boys. The War Boys are peculiar fellows who seem to allude to the brainwashing propaganda and delusions perpetrated by their tyrannical leader Immortan Joe. I mean if you spray paint your face with silver paint and scream you’re going to Valhalla while committing suicide you are nincompoop. Max is now a prisoner and a blood bag of the sick War Boy, Nux (Nicholas Hoult).

Imperota Furiosa (Charlize Theron) one of Joe’s lieutenants is sent to fetch firearms but detours as he has taken Joe’s five wives. Joe upon realizing his wives are missing, follows in pursuit with the War Boys. Nuz brings along Max who is his blood bag. The car chase ensues, with the fates of Nuz, Muz and Furiosa intertwined for a breathtaking story.

The Rock Influence

Some of the characters even seem to come out of a 80s rock band with complimentary black and white makeup to exacerbate the point further. Also there is someone playing the guitar while the War Boys are in pursuit, it doesn’t get more rock and roll than that.

Scroll down to watch the official trailer of this genius of a movie.

Watch Rush Trailer, The Best Car Movie Ever?

UK Rush Poster

Okay, I haven’t been around that long but I’ve eclipsed a quarter century. Having said that I understand that the movie industry has been there for what may seem like forever. Thus, for me to make the statement that this is the best car movie ever does take some guts. However, I stand by my statement. Look, most car films are about a spy or vigilante who don’t really have a passion for the cars they drive. All they ever do is get on to that car for their speedy getaway. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy this movies it’s just that I don’t really see the passion between the protagonists and their car.

Then Rush was released in 2013, if you are a car fanatic you truly loved this movie, it breaks away from the car chase monotony being perpetrated by Hollywood. It had everything including femme fatales and explosive scenes that kept you on the edge of your seat throughout. For me there isn’t a car movie that I can place so much warm feelings to. To do so would be betrayal, equaling that which Mourinho complained about in his last press conference in his second stint as Chelsea’s manager.

The plot of this movie is genius, and I find it quite surreal that it’s a true story. It’s about the rivalry of F1 legends James Hunt and Nicki Lauda. The movie takes us through their first encounter where they are in a F3 race against each other at the Crystal Palace circuit in Britain. At this stage James Hunt gets the better of Lauda, later on he has no idea how hard it will get to stand on the podium ahead of his rival. The story goes through some dramatic twists and turns, before arriving on a rainy Japanese Grand Prix F1 track where Lauda needs to finish third to win it, as for Hunt he needs to finish first and hope Lauda is fourth. The movie’s climax is epic as the conditions are just torrid with limited visibility. Who’s going to win? I’ll let you watch the movie.

The movie stars Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt, Daniel Brühl as Nicki Lauda with a supporting cast of Oliver wilde, Alexandra Maria Lara, Jochen Mass amongst others. Take a look below at the trailer and see why the Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie an 89% rating.