Top 5 Most Bizarre Footballers’ ‘Super’ Cars

Footballers and snazzy cars go together like footballers and slightly vacuous glamour models. Making it into the big(ger) leagues these days basically requires that any footballer have at least one of each, and when it comes to the cars at least, they do tend to like multiples.

While there are the very obvious choices – like every car Cristiano Ronaldo owns, from his multiple Bugatti Veyrons to his numerous Audis and whatever Porsche he hasn’t crashed yet – some footballers take their hard earned (?) wages and put them into something rather more unique. Take a look at some of these beauties (although on second thoughts that may be the wrong word)

Stephen Ireland


These days Stephen Ireland is a bald bloke playing in the Potteries for Stoke. But back when he had hair, and a contract with Manchester City, he treated himself to several very nice rides, the most memorable of which being this lovely black and pink Range Rover that certainly turned some heads (and possibly stomachs) as he pottered it around Manchester. And no, this car didn’t really belong to his missus, hers was white and red and monogrammed, but that’s another (nightmarish) story.

El Hadi Diouf


Back when the Senegalese winger played for, well, we forget, as he played for half the teams in the league at some point or another, he was a man who tended to divide fan opinion. Some found him to be a lovable, cheeky rogue while others (almost everyone actually) thought he was a bit of a mindless jerk. And his Cadillac Escalade is possibly a bigger confirmation of the latter opinion than the former to say the least.

Mario Balotelli


Poor old Mario. He means well, but he never quite gets things right (just ask Brendan Rodgers) That was never more obvious than when he was tooling around in this once lovely Bentley Continental GT. Apparently someone failed to tell him that camouflage is supposed to help you stand out less…

Mario didn’t hold onto the car for long though, as he ended up gifting it to teammate Urby Emanuel, who promptly stripped off the wrap and returned the car to its former pristine winter white colour. Which, according to ‘insiders’ Mario was actually a bit miffed about.

William Gallas

William Gallas

Footballers are notoriously vain. Most however do not turn their McLaren Mercedes SLR into what is basically one big mirror on wheels. However, that is the William Gallas way and he likes it even if no one else does.

The Entire Portsmouth Team


Back when Portsmouth were in the Premier League and almost spending themselves into oblivion, the ‘punishment’ for the player who performed worst in training was to have to drive around town in a Reliant Robin. The players, while accepting their possible fate, decided that the old banger needed a bit of pimping and so they turned it into this somewhat bizarre creation.

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