Watch The Best of The Geneva Motor Show 2016

Geneva Motor Show 2016

The Geneva Motor Show took place this year, with the best automakers showcasing their latest concepts and models. From Alfa Romeo to Volvo the A-Z of the motor industry was here to showcase their best. Sadly, Tesla which is the bastion of the electric movement didn’t feature in the show. The 86th Salon International de l’Auto et Accessoires, happened from 1 March to 13 March. This year’s show had a great host of cars on display. For body styles SUVs seemed to take the show. Cars like the Audi A2 and Maserati Levante made their presence felt in the event. However, on the night the show stopper had to be the Bugatti Chiron. It was heavily anticipated and it didn’t disappoint. Another exotic that grabbed headlines was the all new Aston Martin DB11.

Geneva’s Motor Show has a proud history that stretches all the way back to 1905. It has hosted almost all of the most important internal combustion engines in auto history. The Geneva Palexpo which is a conference center that is close to the Geneva Cointrin International Airport acts as the venue for the show. The event always takes place each year on the month of March. The Motor Show is known world over for the exotics that usually make their debut there. Considering that the Swiss don’t have an auto industry of their own, Geneva is considered as fair game by automakers to showcase their latest.

With Tesla unveiling their Model 3 at Silicon Valley, it will be interesting to see if the auto industry will follow suit. Auto shows like this one help to bring exposure to smaller automakers. However, it will be interesting to see if the top automakers will be unveiling themselves individually. They could opt for this as they would be getting the sole attention of the press, and would have an opportunity to discuss the features of the car more intimately.

Watch below what happened in this year’s auto show:

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