Watch Battle of the Teslas: Model S Vs Model X

model s vs model x

For Tesla which was incorporated back in 2003, over a decade later everything must have gone the way they had planned. The company made history making an electric car break the 200 miles range barrier. This effectively made electric cars practical. Now, going green doesn’t mean you need to take the oath of poverty of performance. As of such we found a great video of the Model X and the Model S in a drag race.

Tesla has made electric cars fun to drive. The most fun electric sedan and electric SUV go head to head. Obviously, the Model S comes out on top, as it’s the fastest accelerating electric car in the market. When it comes to power, the Model X P90D produces 259 hp for the front and 503 hp for the rear. That adds to a total of 762 hp making it the same with the Model S. However, considering the Model X is an SUV, it has extra weight, as compared to the Model S. This difference gives the Model S an advantage in acceleration.

The video below features husband and wife go head to head on a drag race. The husband is on a red Model S, while his wife is on a blue Model X. The Model X only manages to win a single race when it has a head start, and there is another race where it leaves the Model S in its dust as the sedan is unprepared. However, in the end the Model S comes out on top. All in all it’s great to see electric cars competing on the same space as petrol/diesel based cars.

There we have it electric cars can do drag races with the efficiency of their fuel based counterparts. Watch below as the two electric cars square off:

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