Watch The Tesla Roadster’s Acceleration

Tesla Roadster

When you talk of a car that has revolutionized the auto industry in this new millennia you have to pick the Tesla Roadster. Before it the argument was always electric cars weren’t practical enough that they would run out of charge over shot distances. They were ridiculed and thought up as really idealistic more than anything. However, the Roadster landed on the scene and had a range of 245 miles, and that changed everything. Electric cars weren’t for short trips around the city, now they could be used for longer trips.

The Tesla Roadster has a couple of advantages, however the one that truly stands out is its acceleration, which has some saying its “alien” like. For your regular petrol car the engine has to reach the optimum revs to give you that monster acceleration. However, electric motors are like optimum revved engines always ready to give you that kick when you need it. Usually, when you are accelerating you always have to hear the engine roar as it climbs up the revs, however the electric is seemingly quiet.

Those who have ridden a Roadster describe how they go past traffic with relative ease, leaving a lot of other motorists flatfooted. Another great thing about an electric car is that there isn’t any fuss between a clutch and engine, just an electric motor hooked to batteries.

Considering the Roadster goes 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.7 seconds on the go, it is always going to give you that great kick when you need it. Thus, the notion of going green means we are going to be stuck with some really weak performing cars is totally vague. This is the future of cars as we continue to burn up what’s remaining of the world’s dwindling fossil fuel reserves. If the future we are going to have is going to be littered up with cars like the Tesla Roadster then it’s a greener future worth having.

It has been likened to a spaceship and this is why, watch below:

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