Watch Google Car’s Self Driving Revolution

Google Car Self-driving Logo

The automotive world today is experiencing rapid change and advancing at such an incredible rate. One of the disruptive changes the industry is experiencing is self-driven car technology. Google Car seems to be the one that’s making the most waves in this new trendsetting auto tech. However, there are other players getting involved and soon it may be common across all boards.

Google Car started the project back in 2009, with a fleet of self-driving cars, which were deployed at Mountain View California. It grew and entered other states. The project has gone on to record over a million miles according to Google’s site. The project which is still in its testing phase hopes to make the cars available as soon as 2019. The testing phase which we are still on hasn’t run as smoothly as expected, as Google Car has had a number of crashes. However, most of the accidents have been down to human error. It still has a better record than humans as it is yet to suffer any fatalities, except for two minor injuries. With such a track record this can be considered a resounding success as it has done this going a million plus miles.

Currently, you can think that Google Car is the foremost leader in self-driven fully autonomous cars, however Toyota already has over 1,400 patents. Now patents aren’t a sure thing for industry leadership, but they do give you a head start and later other players have to pay royalties to you. However, it’s important to note that American companies don’t always rush for patents as their trigger happy foreign counterparts.

Apart from Alphabet’s Google there are other players in the game such as Mobileye. Mobileye which is Israeli based doesn’t see Google Car as a direct competitor, as Google’s system is based on the data derived for each street. While Mobileye has a different approach using a chip and camera it responds to the environment much the way as humans do. GM has bought Lyft, while Tesla must be scheming something and Apple seems to be tinkering here and there.

Watch below to see Google Car’s approach to self-driving cars:

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