Watch Self Driving/Crashing Google Car

Google Car Crash

Today, almost everything is getting automated by the second. Even us in the auto industry are shocked how rapidly innovations are springing up all over the automotive industry. Today, we don’t make or drive cars the same way we used to, largely due to the advent of new technologies such as 3D printing. One of the great technological frontiers in this industry is Google Car. We have seen too many videos of how human error is prevalent in most road accidents. Wouldn’t it be great if the car could analyze you if you are sober/fresh enough to drive, and if not assume driving duties. This is the future Google Car is currently pushing, however it’s still in its testing period, and as such mistakes are bound to happen.

A Google Car self-driven Lexus RX SUV got involved in an accident with a bus. The accident isn’t as bad as it occurred under relatively slow speeds. The Lexus was going at 12 miles while the bus was going at 15 miles.

I think when it comes to self-driving tech the likes of Google face a real dilemma. As you can make the car completely autonomous, where it will only run from your car and not remotely by a server somewhere else. This has its merits, but with the government always looking for an opportunity to break our privacy, where they order Google to remotely control the car of a wanted/suspected felon? Will this be Apple vs the FBI all over again? These are just some of the questions that companies on the quest for self-driving cars will have to deal with.

To be honest with you when using Google Search I feel that the tech company may have a little bit of a bias to this story. As there aren’t any negative stories when you search the words “google car self-driving car crash”, also I found it strange that Google couldn’t at least list its response in full as one of the search items. However, forgetting my bewilderment I still believe that this technology could be used to make our roads safer. Also, it’s great that Google took responsibility for the crash. Hopefully, this accident was a bleep in a relatively unblemished safety record for Google Car. Watch the video below:

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