Watch A Suicide Taxi Driver Prank Gone Too Far

suicide bomber prank

Now we have to be careful when it comes to the pranks we play. Sometimes playing a prank on the wrong guy can have you losing your teeth or even worse losing your life. This was the sort of prank that had Saudi YouTube channel Tube Up in all sorts of problems a week ago. The prank featured a taxi driver who wore a fake explosive vest, and he would act that he is on his way to blowing himself up to unsuspecting passengers. Some of the passengers sobbed, others jumped from the moving vehicle, while others tried to overpower the taxi driver.

The prank was meant to show that not all Muslims support the violence that is perpetrated by Extremists. The prank was shot in Saudi Arabia where it solicited a lot of negative comments. Tube Up were then ordered by the Saudi government to take it down after a public outcry. Some have even called on the Tube Up crew to be arrested. The main reason the Saudi public reacted this way was because the country has been experiencing a spate of suicide bombings. Thus, though the intentions may have been good by the creators of the prank, they must admit that they didn’t release it at the right time.

Also, another interesting legal question was asked by some of the comments. What if one of the passengers was to kill the pranking taxi driver? How would this bode in a court of law? Luckily, this weren’t the questions we asked on this particular prank, as no one got hurt. However, if there is any good that has come out of this is that the power of the internet is being felt everywhere, even in deep conservative territories such as Saudi Arabia.

How would have you reacted? Watch below as the unsuspecting victims of this prank act out their different reactions:

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