Watch The Secret Service Reverse Training With The “Beast”

secret service reverse training

We all know the $ 1.5 million Cadillac the president rides on has all the latest safety features that makes it the safest car out there. Considerably, this is the most expensive Cadillac, however it isn’t up for sale at your dealers for obvious reasons. The presidential limo has a couple of monikers that it is known by. Some call it the “Beast,” “Cadillac One,” “First Car” and its codenamed the “Stagecoach.” It can withstand a lot of damage (hermetically sealed from the outside world) and is the perfect protective automotive for POTUS.

With last year’s guffaw where an intruder just went inside the White House, the Secret Service has come under heavy criticism. However, there is a video which appeared a while back on Facebook’s Vomitorium page that purports the reverse drive training of the Beast by Secret Service. On closer inspection the video is sorry to say this false. The guys at the Vomitorium took out the intro of this video which clearly stated that the video was just an ad for a videogame.

The videogame in question is the Forza Motorsport 6 series. I have to hand it to them this is some genuinely dapper marketing, their video went viral and they didn’t have to pay anyone for this. I haven’t played the game however just because of their brilliant marketing I’d like to check it out some time.

The Vomitorium hoax did manage to hoodwink a huge number. To be honest it is true that the Secret Service learn tactical driving, however they don’t do it in front of crowds like this video suggests. Also, I doubt the Beast would be able to reverse drive through its own motorcade. Thus, the practicality of tactical reverse driving seems a little farfetched to me.

Watch below as the Beast does its moonwalks:

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